Successful Policy Conference in Rotterdam

At May 23nd 2016 the final IMAGINATION Conference was held at Het Timmerhuis in Rotterdam!

The final Conference welcomed around 50 representatives of local, national and EU-level governments and urban stakeholders. By several keynotes, one in-depth panels and 3 workshops  urban practitioners and scientific scholars from the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and Austria discussed the major findings of the IMAGINATION research.

Moreover, at the Conference the Handbook for Urban Governance of free movement in the EU was presented. This handbook can be downloaded at this website and offers concrete tools for governing intra-EU mobility. As such, the conference was a success in communicating and exchanging key information with local, national and EU-level stakeholders on intra-EU movement.

PO Box 1738, NL-3000 DR 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Co-funded by the European Union European Integration Fund